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The Too Fit Podcast is about pushing the boundaries of performance mentally, physically, and everywhere in between. We define Too Fit as "actively pursuing a state of health and well-being beyond perceived limitations." On the Too Fit Podcast, we will be interviewing renowned experts from doctors and strength and conditioning coaches to athletes and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to extract tools and tricks of the trade that YOU can implement whether you are a world-class athlete, weekend warrior, entrepreneur, or grinding out the 8-5. All in order to assist you on your journey to becoming Too Fit.
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Feb 26, 2018

Amber and Alaina are the sisters and masterminds behind Holistic Hemp Company. At first glance, their backgrounds in accounting and real estate wouldn't equate to starting a hemp company and selling cannabis-derived products. However, it's their previous careers that lead them to where they are today.

After feeling extremely burnt out in corporate America and dealing with a host of health issues, each sister found hope and healing in a wide array of holistic practices, but with an emphasis on hemp.

You've probably heard of hemp and hemp derived products like t-shirts and necklaces. Maybe you've even seen CDB oil on your local health market shelves. In this podcast we take a deep dive into the world of hemp including CBD oil, cannabis, THC (the active ingredient in marijuana), and how hemps 50,000 uses and benefits can save lives and the planet.

The health benefits of hemp are vast. The plant truly is a Swiss-army knife that can help individuals with many ailments. Some people claim that it cured their cancer and others have seen improvements in sleep, gut health, anxiety, and much much more.

In addition, agricultural hemp derived products like brick, clothing, and plastic bags could radically change a number of major industries in American and around the world.

  • How the power of hemp can radically improve your health
  • What's the difference in CBD, THC, Cannabis, and Hemp?
  • What's the argument for nationwide marijuana legalization?
  • Does weed make you lazy?
  • The red flags to look for when shopping for CBD and Hemp products
  • How CBD can help your pet and even our livestock!
  • Other holistic measures you can incorporate today to improve your health
  • The girls explain what lead a burnt out accountant and a real estate agent to enter the hemp industry

Pick up some of the finest Hemp products available at Alaina's and Amber's website,

Be sure to connect with Holistic Hemp on their social channels (@holistichempcompany) and check out their Sundancer shop next time you're in Fort Worth at 701 Magnolia Avenue, inside Panther City Salon.

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This podcast is brought to you by Qualia. Qualia is designed to help increase cognition, focus, mental health, and induce flow states by nourishing and feeding your brain. The whole team at Too Fit uses Qualia. It’s helped with our productivity, output, creativity, plus it keeps everyone in a good mood!

Take your mental game to the next-level with Qualia by checking out and using coupon code TOOFIT for 10% off all purchases.

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Feb 6, 2018

Kristen Ulmer knows a thing or two about fear. She was the world's reigning most extreme skier for 12 consecutive years! She retired from starting avalanches in 2003 and instead, began creating avalanches in how we deal with fear. Her latest book The Art of Fear deals with exactly that.

Kristen argues that our cultural view of fear is not only wrong, but harmful and in serious need of a paradigm shift. Kristen explains how we must create a new dialogue around our fear. A dialogue that brings it out of the basement and into the light, where it can lead us to newer heights as athletes, entrepreneurs, and high-performing individuals.

This is a must listen for anyone looking to achieve their full potential in life.

In this episode:

  • Why everything you've ever been taught about fear is wrong
  • The biggest mistakes we make in attempting to handle fear
  • A step-by-step guide on forming a healthy relationship with fear
  • How to establish an intimate relationship with your fear
  • What's the difference between real fear, and "fears of..."
  • Kristen explains the biggest fear known to man
  • Shift: The Game of 10,000 Wisdoms - the tool that Kristen use's with her clients to transform fear from paralyzing to stimulating and enriching
  • Fear 2.0 - learn to love fear like surfing legend Laird Hamilton

Pick up your copy of The Art of Fear today and begin to form a healthy, new, and exciting relationship with your fear. Learn more about Kristen and her personal journey at her website,

Be sure to connect with Kristen on her social channels (@kristen.ulmer) and check out one of her live events, you may just see the Too Fit Guys make an appearance this spring!

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This podcast is brought to you by Qualia. Qualia is designed to help increase cognition, focus, mental health, and induce flow states by nourishing and feeding your brain. The whole team at Too Fit uses Qualia. It’s helped with our productivity, output, creativity, plus it keeps everyone in a good mood!

Take your mental game to the next-level with Qualia by checking out and using coupon code TOOFIT for 10% off all purchases.

This podcast is also brought to you by Too Fit. If you haven’t checked out the new products, what are you waiting for?! We have heard nothing but great responses on the new Pre and Post. We’re sure you will too. You can see what they’re all about here.


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Nov 7, 2017

Jake and Josh sit down with the author of Going Beyond Mom and creator of, Randi Zinn. Randi (@randizinn) helps mothers of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds give life to their callings and entrepreneurial spirits, while still doing a rockstar job at home with their kids. She enables moms to find the perfect balance in their lives, starting with one simple change in mindset.

  • Why mothers are underachieving at work and home and how to fix it.
  • How to create space for mindfulness after baby.
  • Ways to stay fit and active during and after your pregnancy.
  • The perfect length of time for your maternity leave.
  • How husbands and children can aid mom in her Beyond Mom journey.

Still think you don't have time to build your business, tackle your fitness goals, and be a superstar mom? Randi disagrees and will leave you with no excuses. It's time to Go Beyond Mom!

More about Randi:

Going Beyond Mom book



This podcast is brought to you by Qualia. Qualia is designed to help increase cognition, focus, mental health, and induce flow states by nourishing and feeding your brain. The whole team at Too Fit uses Qualia. It's helped with our productivity, output, creativity, plus it keeps everyone in a good mood! Take your mental game to the next-level with Qualia by checking out and using coupon code TOOFIT for 10% off all purchases.

This podcast is also brought to you by Too Fit. If you haven't checked out the new products, what are you waiting for?! We have heard nothing but great responses to the new Pre and Post. We're sure you will too. 

Oct 26, 2017

The Too Fit Guys sit down for a fireside chat and answer questions about the Past, Present, and Future of Too Fit. Plus, a few never before heard stories about best and worst and experiences, coyotes, and lessons learned. Hold on to your seats!

In this Episode:

  • The Guys least favorite adventures to date and, of course, their favorites
  • The quickest way to kill two coyotes and why two dead coyotes equal four new coyote pups
  • The humble origins of the company, products, and Too Fit Guys
  • Behind the scenes of the Too Fit rebrand and product launch
  • Why did Too Fit rebrand anyway?
  • The mindset that kept The Guys on track, despite the relaunch taking longer than expected
  • What's been brewing in regards to The Too Fit Podcast
  • What the future holds for the Too Fit brand

Be sure to hang in there for Too Fit's big surprise! You will soon be seeing your favorite performance nutrition company in this world renown store near you. Listen to find out where.

The Too Fit Podcast on Facebook LIVE

Join us every Friday on Facebook LIVE from the man cave at Too Fit HQ. Watch and submit questions as The Too Fit Guys record the LIVE show and cover a different topic every week. What better way to cruise through a Friday afternoon and into the weekend!

Find us on Facebook HERE.


This podcast is brought to you by Qualia. Qualia is designed to help increase cognition, focus, mental health, and induce flow states by nourishing and feeding your brain. The whole team at Too Fit uses Qualia. It's helped with our productivity, output, creativity, plus it keeps everyone in a good mood! Take your mental game to the next-level with Qualia by checking out and using coupon code TOOFIT for 10% off all purchases.

This podcast is also brought to you by Too Fit. If you haven't checked out the new products, what are you waiting for?! We have heard nothing but great responses on the new Pre and Post. We're sure you will too. You can see what they're all about here.

Oct 24, 2017

Jeff Davidson is the co-founder and co-CEO of Camp Gladiator, the most recognizable boot camp in America, and one of the fastest growing fitness companies in the nation. In this episode we discuss how Camp Gladiator began, the journey, struggles, building a world-class organization, and much much more. 

In this episode: 

  • The creation story behind Camp Gladiator
  • Sneek peeks into the hit reality TV show, American Gladiator
  • Which company Jeff and Ally modeled their business after and why
  • The secret formula that led to their unprecedented success
  • Behind the scenes of their nationwide operation
  • Difficulties and growing pains experienced along the way
  • The motivation behind continuing to pursue their dreams
  • What the future holds for Camp Gladiator campers and their staff



To check out a Camp Gladiator near you, visit Camp

Links from the Episode

Connect with Camp Gladiator:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

This podcast is brought to you by Qualia. Qualia is designed to help increase cognition, focus, mental health, and induce flow states by nourishing and feeding your brain. The whole team at Too Fit uses Qualia. It's helped with our productivity, output, creativity, plus it keeps everyone in a good mood! Take your mental game to the next-level with Qualia by checking out and using coupon code TOOFIT for 10% off all purchases.

This podcast is also brought to you by Too Fit. If you haven't checked out the new products, what are you waiting for?! We have heard nothing but great responses on the new Pre and Post. We're sure you will too! You can see what they're all about here.

Apr 7, 2017

In this Episode of The Too Fit Podcast

  • The freaky, invisible world of quantum biology
  • The implications of quantum in YOUR life
  • Mind-blowing phenomena like how to transport through a wall...You read that right
  • How is it possible to be in two places at the same time? 
  • EZ water: is it actually hydrating or just another sales tactic? 
  • Restoring the magnetic balance in your life using Earth's surface

Craig Emmerich is an accomplished blogger, health-hacker, quantum enthusiast, entrepreneur, and peak performance aficionado. He owns and operates Keto-Adapted, an all-inclusive blog, and website devoted to healthy lifestyle design by way of a ketogenic diet along with his wife, Maria.

Catch our interview about the ketogenic diet and lifestyle with Maria HERE. 

Mar 6, 2017

"There seems to be this pervasive need to own methods of resistance today.  All resistance is just that – forms of resistance – one is not better per se that another, they are just forms."

- James Fitzgerald

In this Episode of The Too Fit Podcast:

  • Can you "out-train" your genetic potential?
  • How often should you be training to failure?
  • "Fatigue Repeatability" and using fatigue as a diagnostic tool.
  • Proper program design and training cycles
  • The benefits of individualized training versus programming for the masses
  • Identifying and addressing which domain of fitness is holding you back
  • Are Crossfit Games athletes as healthy as they are fit? 
  • James's wisdom for anyone entering the strength and conditioning world

James Fitzgerald (@jfitzopex) exploded on the scene in 2007 when he was crowned Fittest on Earth in the inaugural Crossfit Games. Although still considered an elite athlete, James's legacy is the 10,000 plus athletes he has coached since opening OPEX in 1999, in addition to the millions he impacts through his educational outreach. 

James is one of the most intelligent individuals in the strength and conditioning world. His training philosophy is rooted in individualized training, detailed program design, and separating fitness for health versus sport. 

Whether you are an elite athlete pushing the boundaries of your physicality, looking to live long and prosper, or just trying looking good naked, our conversation with James will provide you with the information you can apply to your fitness regimen today.  

Are you ready to take your game up a notch? It all starts with you. As James says, "We believe success begins with taking personal responsibility for our actions and holding ourselves accountable to results." 


Show Notes and Other Mentions

Feb 27, 2017

"Time slows down. Self vanishes. Action and awareness merge. Welcome to Flow." - Steven Kotler  

Episode 30 Overview:

  • How Steven stumbled upon flow states. 
  • What is a non-ordinary state?
  • Is it healthy or possible to be in a constant state of flow? 
  • How you can safely create a non-ordinary state in your everyday life
  • The common misconceptions about flow states and ecstasis
  • Why nearly every billionaire in Silicon Valley regularly microdoses with psychedelics
  • Creativity... is it a trainable skill or a state-of-mind?
  • Tapping into the DEEP NOW
  • How to correctly utilize technology to increase your focus, performance, and life
  • The hope that non-ordinary states provide for our future

Steven Kotler (@Steven_Kotler) is in constant pursuit of discovering ways to increase our human potential and solve global problems. He identifies the intersection of science, culture, and technology while revealing what the future may hold. 

On the heels of The Rise of Superman, which explores how to hack and induce flow-states, Steven picks up right where he left off in the impeccably titled Stealing Fire. As with his other works, you feel like a secret is revealed to you, that the curtain is lifting, and YOU are being given the keys to the castle. 

What exactly is this secret? Non-ordinary states of consciousness, or ecstasis. This altered conscious has been shown to make people remarkably more creative, productive, resilient, satisfied, happy, peaceful, insightful, and intuitive. Steven claims that flow-states saved his life after dealing with Lyme disease. He has since dedicated his life's work to further understanding and teaching how to utilize their potential.

Steven's work led him to study how our world's top performers use flow states, such as the Navy SEALs, Silicon Valley billionaires, top DJ's, biohackers, entrepreneurs, elite athletes, and even mad, maverick scientists pushing the envelope of what's socially acceptable.

Flow states are not only reserved for the elite. Hence the name Stealing Fire, about Prometheus snatching fire from Zeus to deliver to us, inept humans. Steven reveals that this is a revolution that has been hiding in plain sight. Yoga moms, businesspeople, young professionals, college students, and everyone in between has been tapping into these non-ordinary states of consciousness to increase performance, focus, willpower, gain insight and attain life satisfaction. 

Are you intrigued yet? Pick up a copy of Stealing Fire for yourself and dive in. 

For more information about non-ordinary states and more specifically, flow, visit Steven's and his co-author, Jamie Wheal's website

Show Notes and Other Mentions

Twitter: @Steven_Kotler   Facebook: @KotlerSteven

Steven's Works: 

Feb 22, 2017

"We do not lack the science, information, or technology to live healthily. We lack the art to use them properly." - TJ Anderson

What an interview! Here's a brief overview of what we tackle in this episode:

  • What the hell is health hacking? Why should I even know? 
  • The long and unusual path that lead TJ to health-hacking
  • The dangers involved, including what lead to TJ's ER visit
  • Goal setting to ensure your goal setting process is delivering results
  • Simple questions you need to be asking yourself for profound changes in your relationship with the substances, people, and the world around you
  • Healthcare: Patient engagement vs. patient activation, the archaic paternalism model and how it's changing, plus the future of healthcare and nutritional therapy
  • Tools and gadgets TJ utilizes on a daily basis to maintain health and performance 
  • The two most abused "drugs" in our culture and how you can radically change their influence in your life
  • The release of TJ's book, The Art of Health Hacking...the mission behind its creation
  • and why everyone in America needs this book

TJ Anderson (@TJAndersonlive) has spent the better part of 7 years experimenting with everything "health-hacking." He dove headfirst into the ketogenic diet, bulletproof coffee, nootropic supplements, fasting protocols, grounding techniques, breathing patterns, and meditation all in the name of health and performance optimization. 

This journey TJ embarked on did not occur on a whim, but its genesis lies in TJ's personal struggle to find fulfillment after modeling left him empty and hollow, the direct opposite of what the magazine covers promised. After meeting and talking with TJ, you can tell he found it. No matter what comes his way, he chooses to live in a beautiful state of mind, and his energy is contagious!

This search for health optimization did not lack in misfortunes, just like any great story. However, TJ utilized these moments of crisis to shift and reshape his way of thinking in regards to his relationships with different substances, food, mother earth, the information he intakes, and the people with whom he surrounds himself. 

This conversation with TJ is so much more than just the tips and tricks of a "biohacker." It's a genuine chat about the big things in life; about self-reflective questions that will push you past your comfort zone and force a positive change to occur. Get ready for a paradigm shift in how you view your personal health, relationships, vanity, alcohol, caffeine, intuition, and life. 

Be on the lookout for TJ's upcoming book, The Art of Health Hacking. It is the culmination of 7 years of work encompassing his experimentations in biohacking and the practices discussed above. However, just like this interview, it's much more than that! TJ teaches you how to "build your holistic healthcare team, personal self-care strategy, and optimize your health from the inside out."

The book will launch during the spring of 2017, but TJ needs your help to push this work of art to the finish line. Pre-order The Art of Health Hacking on publishizer, a crowdfunding website that connects authors with publishers and allows YOU a backstage glimpse into the creation, publication, and release of TJ's book. Check it out; you want this book in your arsenal. 

Show Notes and Other Mentions

Get your copy of The Art of Health Hacking

Facebook (@TJAnderson10) - Twitter (@Wellness_Guy) - IG (@TJAndersonlive)


The Patient Will See You Now by Eric Topol

Goal-Setting with James Clear

Feb 16, 2017

"For 90% of dieters, a deficiency in one of four essential brain chemicals can cause weight gain, fatigue, and stress. The solution to losing weight doesn’t lie in deprivation diets; it lies in balancing our neurotransmitters." - Maria Emmerich

By now you have heard us discuss the new kid on the block in the diet world, Keto. It may be the "new" sexy word, however, the ketogenic diet has been extensively studied since the 1920's, mainly in people suffering from seizures. Since the 1980's the general population has awakened to its benefits, but not until recently has a significant paradigm shift occurred in how we view fats, our food, and fueling for longevity and performance. 

Maria Emmerich has been leading the charge in the ketogenic movement, authoring a total of 9 books including the international best-seller, "The Ketogenic Cookbook." She is the founder of Keto Adapted, a health and wellness website where she provides hundreds of keto-friendly recipes, meal plans, detoxification guidelines, and keto supplement advice.  

In this interview with Maria, we dive headfirst into the ketogenic lifestyle including:

  • Accelerating the process of becoming keto adapted and entering nutritional ketosis
  • Avoiding overlooked pitfalls that can hinder your ketogenic advances 
  • Are there any drawbacks to continually staying in nutritional ketosis? 
  • "I'm in ketosis, but I'm not losing any weight...what's the issue?" 
  • How to correctly implement and utilize intermittent fasting
  • The truth about being "metabolically flexible" 
  • Kids and Keto: how to teach your kids healthy eating practices and not even know that McDonald's exists
  • Why tap water and even bottled water are void of minerals and what you can do about it

This one is like drinking straight from a water hose! You'll want to have that notebook handy. Then check out Maria's website for more information, recipes, implementation strategies, and her handy Keto Calculator

For any questions regarding keto, her kids, or anything else we covered in this episode, ask Maria on her social channels below. 

Notes and Other Mentions

Facebook (@ketoadapted)  Twitter (@mariaemmerich)   Instagram (@mariaemmerich)

Feb 7, 2017

From Mom's Basement to Malibu!

Adam Von Rothfedler is well on his way to becoming a household name. As a premier model for Versace and the star of NBC's hit show Strong, many are becoming familiar with the muscles, tattoos, and immortal grip strength that characterize Adam's personality.

However, few know the real story of Adam and the path that led him to the spotlight. Oddly enough, it's a journey that seems fit for the big screen. Dealing with personal tragedy and loss, Adam was drawn to the Octagon, fighting his demons more so than the man across the mat.  

The octagon was an outlet for Adam. As it turns out, he was a natural fighter, eventually winning Milwaukee's Toughest Man Challenge, which spawned his professional fighting and modeling career, followed by a move to the big city of Los Angeles. 

This trip was short-lived, however. The decline of his father's health called Adam back home to Milwaukee, but triumph in the midst of tragedy has always defined Adam's life. Despite the career setback, this opportunity tapped into Adam's entrepreneurial spirit, opening his first gym in the heart of the city he loves. 

Long story made short, Adam is a man of many talents, forged from personal experience, that lead him to become the man you see today. His passion and thirst for life are tangible and evident. He cares deeply for your health, well-being, and wants to see you crush all your limitations. 

And that is exactly what our conversation will help you achieve. Here's a little taste of what cover with Adam: 

  • Behind the scenes of reality TV - how to know who is real and who is fake
  • How to stay true to yourself in light of success and fame
  • A deeper look at Adam's personal journey to the limelight and his tips for becoming successful, despite multiple personal setbacks
  • Why balance is the missing element in your strength training regimen.
  • What it means to "Eat Right for your Activity Type"
  • What's more useful for reaching your goals: intensity or intentionality?
  • The only 3 lifts Adam utilizes to build strength and muscle
  • Why you should develop hanging strength in addition to overhead strength
  • The difference between being flexible and being mobile is greater than you know
  • Plus...Adam's secret for delivering a knockout punch!

We truly enjoyed meeting Adam at The Bulletproof Conference and love his passion for life, health, and helping those around him achieve their goals. He is an excellent example of someone living a Too Fit Life!

In his own words, "as a former professional fighter, I truly understand what its like to fight for what you want. And when it comes to fitness, I have dedicated my life to motivate people to fight for it too."

To drink motivation straight from the source and connect further with Adam, hit him up on his social accounts below, sign up for his Earn The Day program when it drops, and stop by his COMO gym in Milwaukee if you're ever in town! Just don't try and go toe-to-toe with they guy. 


Show Notes and Other Mentions

Adam's Gym: Como

NBC Strong

Facebook   Instagram   Twitter   YouTube


Dec 19, 2016

Erin Thole is a BEAST when it comes to alleviating people's health problems. She systematically tackles symptoms and uncovers the root cause of the issue: your food. Food affects each of us in different ways, depending on each individual's biochemistry, genetic makeup, and environmental exposure. 

Think of Erin as your food therapist, discovering and obliterating problems that lie beneath the surface unbeknownst to you. 

In Erin's own words:

"I have worked as a Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner for over 8 years and my passion & dedication to functional medicine and helping others began with my own personal journey of horrible digestive and thyroid problems. For years everything I ate upset my stomach, I was always in pain, always bloated, always so tired, had crazy mood swings and I was a little chubbier than I wanted to be despite my active lifestyle. Sick and tired of feeling horrible and not getting the results I wanted at the gym, I changed my career path to functional medicine and the rest is history!

Alleviating my health conditions and figuring out the root cause of my health issues gave me my life back. I have the energy to participate in and enjoy my life to the fullest. I want to help people reach their true health and fitness potential by getting to the root cause of the conditions they currently face.

I conduct food sensitivity panels, hormonal panels, and microorganism panels to cultivate a protocol that works with each individuals’ biochemistry. I enjoy teaching people how to fuel their body’s properly based on their individual needs and goals.

In my online programs, The Beast Mode Method and The Whole Health Project, I create efficient, transformational and customized programs for each client by taking their unique biochemistry into consideration.

These programs:

  • Chip away at symptoms, struggles and walls you have hit.
  • Go beyond clean eating and into food as an antidote.
  • Includes food sensitivity and hormone panels.
  • Teaches you how to stay loose, limber and pain and injury free.
  • Gives you a fail-proof game plan for ongoing success.

To learn more about what I do, how I can help you or a loved one find true health instead of living with health conditions, diseases and symptoms check out my websites and request a free consultation. I am location independent so it doesn’t matter where you live; you can still receive the care you need!"

Bottom line, she is a pro at helping you reaching your full potential.

In this episode, we provide you the tools you need to continue down your path of becoming Too Fit. Check our Erin's links, social media, and use the comment section for any questions! Enjoy!

Show Notes and Mentions

Erin's Website:

Email Erin:

Erin's Social: Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   Youtube   

Nov 8, 2016

 "Motion is life; if you are not moving, you are not living." - Gordon Hay

ALINE: Moving Better For Longer Active Life

While at the Bulletproof Conference in Pasadena, CA last month, Josh and I would meander around the vendor area digesting all the latest health gear and gadgets, trying to decide which ones we would implement upon our departure. 

All weekend long, there was this one booth that always caught our eye. The set up was simple with nothing but a platform upon which an individual would stand, with a man seated in a chair at his feet. The only problem was the booth was constantly packed with people crowded around the seated man like a prophet of sorts.

On the third and final day, we finally got our chance to see what this foot-prophet and this magical platform was all about. The man told us to kick off our shoes and climb atop the platform. He then adjusted our feet, flipped a switch which sent lasers shooting up our legs, and instructed us to slowly bend at the knee. A grim smile came across his face and he would begin to shake his head, as if to say, "yep, here's another one."

He then proceeded to explain what the lasers were showing: we both possess less than optimal posture and position from the hips down, leading us to compensate on one side when we walk, run, lift, bike, or perform any sort activity. 

*Luckily for us, we learned that we are not alone! Close to 90% of people are moving 2-3 million steps a year out of alignment, robbing themselves of power and performance from foot to leg. This conclusion was based on 10+ years of research involving 200,000 alignment assessments conducted by ALine and a team of partners, including doctors and performance specialists. These findings were used to develop and refine  this new, proprietary foot and body suspension technology.

"I got just the thing," he would exclaim. Like an old medicine man in possession of a cure-all, he would reach over and grab a pair of shoe inserts, place them under your feet, and instruct you to bend at the knees again.

And wah-lah!

It was literally like magic. Not only did our static posture noticeably change, our dynamic position was immediately improved, even removing pain in the hips and knees. 

Watch this process take place in the video below. The man was the inventor of this revolutionary technology, Gordon Hay. His invention is the ALine Foot and Body Suspension System, which is now being utilized by golfers, snowboarders, skiers, skaters, X Game athletes, triathletes, Crossfitters, and weekend warriors to perform at their highest level. It's also being implemented by everyday joe's and their grandmothers to combat the epidemic of poor movement and faulty foot and body positioning brought on by today's unnatural, hard concrete surfaces and overly cushioned footwear.

In our conversation here with Gordon, we dive into the nitty-gritty of this problem, defining the contributing factors, the symptoms, and of course the answer! 

Other topics that Gordon covers in detail include:

  • Most people move 2 to 3 million steps a year out of alignment
  • Alignment issues hinder joints, therefore exercise can be counterproductive
  • There are over 1,000,000 annual knee and hip joint replacements
  • How to move 2-3 million steps a year better
  • The barefoot argument - is it actually healthy for you?
  • Gordon's "junk food" of footwear
  • Are your beloved flip flops hurting or helping you? 
  • How much mobility do you actually want in your shoe?
  • How to systematically strengthen the arches of your feet. 
  • How to diagnose and treat poor ankle, foot, and calf mobility
  • The difference between the varying ALINE foot suspension systems
  • The favorable footwear diet for foot and body performance

And do not fret, you actually do not need Gordon and his Stand-Tech platform to accurately diagnose your foot positioning. Listen to Gordon's breakdown of the products in this episode, check out their website, and read which system of insoles would suit your lifestyle best. 

List all comments and/or questions below and we will be sure to have the ALine team get back to you. Enjoy!

See all the elite athletes that support and use ALINE. 

Show Notes and Mentions


Shop Insoles:

Social: Facebook   Twitter   YouTube

For more information on Gordon, view his About Me HERE

Oct 17, 2016

"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is."

— Yogi Berra

Dr. Andy Galpin is a man on a mission. He spends the majority of his days researching and discovering new ways to develop and reach peak human performance. 

Andy received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, followed by his Masters in Human Movement Sciences, and eventually earning his Ph.D. in Human Bioenergetics. His work and research have been published countless times in his efforts to prove what the human body is capable of achieving. 

He may not know it, but his research is finding if it's possible to become, yes, Too Fit. 

In preparation for this interview, we each wrote over two pages of notes that we wanted to cover. However, by the end of the episode, we felt we had only covered 10% of what was intended. That's how much incredible and valuable information we can cover with Andy. Don't worry, he'll be back.

We made sure to cover the latest peak performance research and as always, did our best to give you tangible action steps in return. 

In this interview with Andy, we cover mind blowing topics that are sure to expand your health and fitness arsenal, including...

  • True or False: is it possible to add strength without gaining any mass? 
  • True or False: is it possible to add mass without gaining even the slightest strength? 
  • Does mass moves mass hold true? 
  • The 3 core physiological tenants of hypertrophy and strength building.
  • Is hyperplasia (the growth of new muscle fibers) humanly possible?
  • What is post-activation potentiation and what can it do for you?
  • Does swinging a baseball bat with a donut actually work?
  • Andy's newest training technology that is changing the game for all lifters.
  • Will football players eventually be training with weighted suits? 
  • The ultimate training program for longevity and peak performance.
  • The most misunderstood training adaptation of all time.
  • How much of your strength comes from your mind, versus your muscle contractile strength? 
  • How can you systematically develop more Type-II or fast-twitch fibers?

Like I said, there are too many gems in this interview to count! Not to mention we barely had the chance to speak with Andy on his newest developments, including answering how we are going to get men to Mars and back, alive! 

Also, at the end of the interview, Andy explains how the work he is doing needs your help. Everything on Andy's website, Instagram, and YouTube are 100% free to you! Not to mention he places every published article in open access journals for the public to utilize. 

These research experiments on peak performance are not cheap to produce and cost his team a lot of time and money. Other researchers typically charge a hefty fee to view anything other than the abstract to their paper. 

For this research to continue, and to answer Why Do Some Muscle Fibers Grow, Shrink, or Die Faster Than Others, Andy's team is in need of a new laser microscope to continue their work. Use the link above, or HERE, to visit their crowdfunding site and give by the deadline, November 14th, 2016. 

For more on Andy, his work, his team, and his mission visit the links below and give him a shout out on social.

Break out your pen and paper; class is about to begin. 

Show Notes and Other Mentions

Crowdfunding - 

Facebook   -   Twitter   -   Instagram   -   YouTube

Oct 4, 2016

"Whatever you do most of the time, that is what you're like."

Dan "The Man" Defigio is here to help you kiss that sweet tooth goodbye! Dan has been in the health and nutrition industry since the early 90's. Through his journey, Dan has founded several companies, written multiple best-selling books, has appeared on CNN's Fit Nation, The Dr. Phil Show, Self magazine, and a host of other television, radio, and magazine outlets. 

Dan's latest passion project is tackling sugar addiction. Unfortunately, sugar has become prevalent in today's society. It has found its way in virtually every food item in the grocery store! Did you know sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine? Crazy! With sugar negatively affecting millions of lives, Dan is determined to help you, and everyone else kick sugar to the curb.

Dan is changing people's lives by systematically altering people's behavior and psyche to overcome their sugar addictions, stress-eating, and detrimental nutritional habits. He is the author of Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies, where he provides you with a game plan to not only stop these symptoms in their tracks but also tackle the actual culprit manifesting itself as a sugar addiction or stressful eating. 

In this info-packed conversation with Dan, we were able to pull out some real nuggets that we know you will find useful and can begin to utilize immediately!

  • The four types of sugar addicts - which one are you?
  • How chronic sugar use alters the way you taste and view food
  • How we arrived at such a problem in the first place 
  • How to properly detox from sugar
  • 3 step process to stop sugar cravings in their tracks
  • Dan's two tips on making a healthy meal bar choice
  • A list of acceptable sweeteners
  • What the future of sugar looks like - will it go the way of tobacco? 

As always, there is too much information in our talk with our amazing guests than we can list here. The only way to get all this information is to listen and take notes!

Find out more about Dan and the great work he is doing using the links below. If you would like to join his upcoming online course, SugarFreeMe.Online, he will walk you through the seven steps to not only stop unhealthy eating behaviors but also uncover the cause of this behavior, allowing you to break the chains and begin living life on your terms. 


If you're serious about behavior change, Dan is offering all you Too Fit listeners 50% off his Sugar-Free Me program. All you have to do is:

1. Go to

2. Subscribe to Dan's email list where you will receive...

3. His 3 step guide to dealing with sugar cravings

4. And a discount code via email for 50% off Sugar-Free Me


Show Notes and Other Mentions

Sep 9, 2016

25-kilometer swim. 1,300-kilometer cycle. 14 marathons. 12 days.

One man...

Luke Tyburski -The Endurance Adventurer

Luke Tyburski is a master of setting goals and achieving them. He makes the unimaginable, tangible. He takes on the challenges that seem impossible and demands them to get the hell out of the way. Some say he's crazy. One thing is for sure...don't tell him it can't be done. 

After a professional soccer career left his body beat down and broken, his spirit also started to crack. Luke fell into a depression, unbeknownst to his friends and family, due to a lack of purpose and identity. He was no longer the soccer player of his childhood dreams. 

Luke, not one to stay down for long, came across The Marathon des Sables, a seven-day footrace across the Sahara Desert, totaling 250 kilometers. Needless to say, he signed up and thus The Endurance Adventurer was born out of the African sand. The adventures provided Luke's the most effective treatment for his struggle with depression. 

Events like this gave Luke a sense of purpose, the opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded people, and live a life full of adventure!

Luke set a goal for himself that literally, no one else in the world had ever accomplished or ever dreamt: The Ultimate Triathlon. This race would be unlike any other. It consisted of a swim across the Strait of Gibraltar, a cycle along the Spanish coast, and finished with a run following the French coastline; from Morocco to Monaco.

Oh, and by the way, he set this goal 4.5 years in advance! This is the definition of determination. 

In this episode of The Too Fit Podcast, we dive into Luke's Ultimate Triathlon experience, but also:

  • is the saying "mind over body" actually true?
  • Luke's three keys to achieving your goals and staying on course
  • his inner dialogue before, during, and after each race
  • the process of reflection and self-discovery challenges provide
  • signs to look for in people who are dealing with depression
  • the single most important way you can help a friend battling depression
  • how you can make peace with everything that may come your way

Not to mention a good story or two from the most grueling 12 days of Luke's life!

Visit Luke's website for a trailer of his upcoming documentary of The Ultimate Triathlon, as well as the US debut in Los Angeles on October 11th. Find out more about Luke, his adventures, and motivational tools on his social media and links below. 


Show Notes and Other Mentions

Aug 9, 2016

Heart Rate Variability. What is it? How do I use it? How can it help me? What makes it different than measuring resting heart rate?

These are questions that often arise when people here the term Heart Rate Variability. In this episode, we dig into the details of this simple, cost-effective, technology that you can start using right now! 

We were lucky enough to sit down with the man with all the answers, Jason Moore of the Elite HRV app. Jason and his wife started Elite HRV out of not only a passion for health and fitness, but also an attraction to algorithms, stats, measurements, and calculations. Since launching Elite HRV they have quit their previous jobs and traveled 13 different countries in just12 months, all while helping 60,000 plus users forge themselves into better athletes and enhance their quality of life. 

In this episode of The Too Fit Podcast, you will hear more about the Elite HRV story while we dive into the nitty-gritty of heart rate variability, including:

  • Is HRV the right tool for me? 
  • How does it help monitor my recovery status?
  • Can I use HRV to train my nervous system? Is this even possible?!
  • What are three things I can do today to improve my HRV score tomorrow? 
  • How am I destroying my HRV score?
  • Is too high of an HRV score a negative thing? 
  • How is my HRV score calculated? 
  • What is a good score and what factors affect my score?
  • What are the proper steps I should follow to ensure an accurate reading? 
  • Are there any out of the box uses for HRV like diagnosing arrhythmias, fibrillations, food sensitivities, or even heart-attack? 
  • How can I harness my breath to improve my nervous system, and in turn my HRV score? 

As you can see, this is an in-depth conversation with plenty of details and useful tools that you can implement today, even if you monitor your HRV or not. I guarantee you, though, by the end of this episode you'll be searching for a heart rate monitor and downloading the Elite HRV app as soon as humanly possible (factoring in shipping time, download speed, etc.)

For more on Jason and Elite HRV, check out the links and notes below. Mark it on your calendar for August 23, 2016, and sign-up for his upcoming HRV course, which you can consider a Master's class on HRV.  Lastly, be on the lookout for his HRV specific podcast hitting your airwaves later this year. Your head may just explode from all this knowledge. 


Show Notes and Mentions

Social @EliteHRV:  Facebook   Twitter   Instagram (Aug. 23, 2016)

Heart Rate Strap

Polar H7

Jul 18, 2016

What if I told you of an ancient elixir that could naturally give you energy, make you healthier, serve as a probiotic, aid in digestion, clear mental fog, and tastes amazing? Would you believe me? Given its many beneficial properties, it may sound like magic. Well, to many, it is magical!

The ancient drink is known none other as Kombucha! Kombucha is rich in history and rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Kombucha has recently been making headway in the conventional, and scientific realms as the connection between our gut health and mental health grow stronger.  

Hannah Crum of has taken it upon herself to spread the history, facts, and benefits of this healing drink to the masses while debunking common misconceptions. She specializes in teaching others to brew kombucha in the comfort of their homes and has even written a book, The Big Book of Kombucha, with her husband and partner Alex LaGory. The big book contains over 400 DIY recipes!

In this episode of The Too Fit Podcast, Hannah unpacks the personal story of how kombucha found her and the comprehensive benefits of Kombucha. We also dive into the nitty-gritty of brewing your own batch at home. Other questions Hannah answers include:

  • What exactly is Kombucha?
  • What does "Kombucha" mean? Literally...
  • What is the history of kombucha and fermented drinks?
  • What is kombucha doing in space? 
  • Is drinking kombucha right for me?
  • Should I worry about the sugar content in kombucha? 
  • What are the craziest ailments that kombucha has healed?
  • What brands of kombucha does the Kombucha Momma recommend? 
  • What does the future hold for kombucha? 
  • Why is it so costly? And how do I make my own? 
  • And how would I get mine to taste good? 
  • How does the Kombucha Momma spend her free time? 

There is no question that Hannah is an absolute expert on this subject. She is about to blow your mind! She is, by the way, the Kombucha Ambassador to The World! By the end of this conversation, you will be craving fermented tea! 

If you have any questions for Hannah or just want more information, contact her at the links provided below, pick up a copy of The Big Book of Kombucha, join her on the book tour, and get to brewing!

Show Notes and Other Mentions

The Big Book of Kombucha & Hannah's Book Tour

Social: Facebook   Twitter   Instagram    YouTube   Pinterest

Get Involved: Kombucha Brewers International - Trade Association

DIY Logs (shortcut method)

Continuous Brew vs. Batch Brew (Scroll to the bottom of the page)

Jul 11, 2016

Have you ever wanted to try yoga, but haven’t because you were turned off by the approach? Maybe you didn’t want to work out in a female-dominant class. Or maybe you love the workout aspect, but could do without the chanting. Well, we have something for you!

Dean Pohlman was playing collegiate lacrosse at the University of Wisconsin when his yoga journey began. By happenchance, he stepped into a Bikram Yoga class and after a butt-kicking workout, he walked out a new man. He realized the benefits yoga could proivde for his strength and conditioning regimen, but he could not wrap his mind around the spiritual component of yoga. 

In his own words, "you would never stop in the middle of a bench press set in the gym and start meditating." The physicality of training was separate from spiritual in every other area of exercise, and Dean viewed yoga the same way. He desired yoga with "all the benefits, but none of the frills." 

That's exactly why he created Man Flow Yoga. Where provides you the tools to increase flexibility, build strength and muscle, improve your cardiovascular system, develop a powerful core, and burn fat. All with yoga. 

In this episode of The Too Fit Podcast, we get Dean off the mat and discuss a variety of intriguing topics such as:

  • The TRUE history of yoga 
  • Commons myths and misconceptions of modern yoga
  • How to utilize yoga as your all-encompassing physical fitness routine
  • What exercises you must be doing to supplement your yoga
  • 3 tips to start improving your mobility today
  • Specific poses for waking up, cooling down, and for back pain
  • How much yoga is too much? 
  • Gender differences in the yoga industry (instructors and members)
  • Why more men choose not to partake in yoga
  • The weight lifting program Dean is following - we are now as well!
  • The Man Flow Diet
    • Including Dean's quest to break the world record for sweet potatoes eaten in one day!

And much, much more...

Dean is a madman when it comes to content creation. He's written four books, all available online: Yoga Basics For Men (Amazon Bestseller), The Man Flow Diet, and The Road to Yoga-Ripped, and Dinner & A Workout, his cookbook. He also is a blog writing phene, which you can find at

If you still need some convincing and are looking to wet your feet, Dean offers a 7-Day Free Trial for Man Flow Members, a 10 Day Free Intro course available to all, as well as a DVD specifically for beginner yogis. You can access these on his website,, or on his app Man Flow Yoga

Lastly, Dean has put together The Mobility Project, where he teaches you to release myofascial tension, rid yourself of knots, and decrease joint pain through techniques using only a foam roller and some Knot Out tools. I'm not sure about you, but this is something we are definitely pumped up about!

We had a blast chatting with Dean and we know you will enjoy our conversation with Mr. Man Flow himself. Enjoy!

For More on Dean and Man Flow Yoga:


Social: Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   YouTube

Jul 4, 2016

Jen Rulon has lived a life full of adventure, continuously pushing the limits of her physical fitness and helping others do the same. Jen is an accomplished triathlete, a veteran of the Ironman Triathlon Race, TEDx presenter, and her writings have been published in Men's Journal, Runners Magazine, Livestrong, WebMD, and Oh, and did I mention she used to swim with Shamu?

These days Jen still spends a lot of time in the water but in an attempt to tame another kind of animal: qualifying for the revered Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. As anyone might guess, training your body to not only endure, but excel at swimming, biking, and running a distance of 140.6 miles collectively, takes some real work and discipline.

Jen has mastered the art of accommodating Ironman training into her daily professional and family life. Her strength and expertise lie in aiding others to incorporate the necessary long hours of training into their busy lives as well. Whether you are a CEO, in the service industry, a student, or just work horrific hours, Jen can help you achieve your goal of finishing a full Ironman Race despite your job's time requirements.

In this episode of the Too Fit Podcast, Jen shares some of her hidden secrets to creating this balance of training and life. Although most of the conversation is unique to triathlons and training, this episode is full of applicable lessons for all.

Some of the ground we cover includes:

  • What your nutrition should look like on race day
  • Three pieces of equipment that will drastically decrease your race time
  • Top five strength exercises for triathletes
  • Is Crossfit healthy for triathletes? 
  • How to tackle swimming and water anxiety
  • Jen's training methodology and how to structure your week
  • Why Jen is actively trying to put herself out of business

This conversation will give you the inspiration to keep chasing after your dreams as well as practical steps on how to do so. Maybe the swim, bike, run lifestyle isn't for you, and that's okay. Take the measures that Jen outlines and apply them to your life as you see fit.

Connect with Jen and find out more about her at the links below! Enjoy!

Show Notes and Other Mentions:

Social: @CoachJenRulon Facebook   Twitter   Instagram   YouTube

Jen's TEDx Talk - Becoming a Champion in Her Own Eyes

How to Put on a Wetsuit in under 1 Minute

Jen's Weight Lifting Program for Triathletes

Jun 21, 2016

"To be an overnight success, you must be an EVERY DAY HUSTLER" - Cassy Joy Garcia 

Cassy Joy Garcia is a woman of many talents: professional chef, blogger, podcast aficionado, nutritional consultant and expert, soon to be NY Times best selling author, health and fitness connoisseur, beauty and cosmetics guru, and an absolute JOY to be around!

We thoroughly enjoyed our conversation with her and we know you will as well. Cassy takes us through her personal health and fitness journey, from her humble beginnings as a self-proclaimed "gym bunny," which involved countless hours on the elliptical and following fad diets, to the wellness wizard she is today. 

The death by cardio and calorie-cutting mentality left her constantly in pain, chronically inflamed, perpetually fatigued, and in her own words, just down-right "sick". Not until stumbling upon the Paleo diet and adopting a more balanced fitness regimen did Cassy start to find relief from her sickness. Little did she know this would eventually radically change her life and career. 

Cassy took to the internet and world of blogging to chronicle her experience. Her research and expertise began guiding others in search of a healthier lifestyle. Her journey on the interwebs started with the inaugural post Go Ugly Early on, which at the time only had 21 followers. Since that first post, Fed and Fit has blossomed into a full-scale business with thousands of followers and fans. 

Cassy's passion and purpose in life is to "empower healthy lifestyle transformations through clear nutrition science and delicious Paleo-friendly foods." So, in this episode of the Too Fit Podcast, we dive into all things Paleo and much more including: 

  • What exactly is Paleo 

  • Biggest obstacles to eating Paleo and how to overcome them

  • The problems associated with conventional dairy

  • What dairy products are actually considered healthy

  • Cassy's 5 go-to cookware options (plus a bonus option)

  • Rules of thumb for avoiding gluten at the grocery store

  • Organically growing a business in the age of internet and connectivity

  • Tips for starting a blog and strategies on how to scale

  • Optimizing health, fitness, diet, and life on your own terms

Cassy will be releasing her first book Fed & Fit this summer (2016) nationwide in Barnes and Noble as well as Costco. Fed & Fit will include a "28 day food and fitness plan to jump-start your life, in addition to over 175 squeaky clean recipes." She will be embarking on a nationwide book tour following the release date. See the full schedule here, and order your personal copy of Fed & Fit here.   

Fed and Fit

This was an information packed conversation with tons of laughter (as usual). So grab a pen and paper and take some notes before heading out the door on your next grocery trip. 


P.S. A big thanks to our friends at Bedlam Crossfit in San Antonio, TX for allowing the three of us to come crash their box. If you're ever in the area, check these guys out. You will not be disappointed! 

Show Notes and Other Mentions

Fed & Fit Book   

Fed & Fit Book Tour

Fed & Fit Podcast

Fed and Fit Social: Facebook   Instagram   Twitter   Pinterest   Snapchat: @fedandfit

Food Additives Worth Avoiding

5 Healthy Cookware Options

Go Ugly Early

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund 

Jun 20, 2016

We have all seen that guy: the one walking down the street, minding his own business and looking perfectly normal except for one thing, he's barefoot. He's as happy as can be trotting down the street, running and hiking, in the supermarket, at trade shows, and even on an airplane!

Steven Sashen, owner of Xero Shoes is here to tell you why you should be that guy and how you can do it in style! 

You may remember Steven and Xero Shoes from his now infamous Shark Tank episode. However, the journey of barefoot life began long before the cameras started rolling. Around 2009 Steven was returning to his roots as a sprinter, but was constantly plagued by chronic and nagging injuries, achy joints, tender knees, and sore hips. It came to the point where Steven was having to convince himself that he was having fun sprinting again, yet it was more painful than ever before. 

It was not until a friend suggested he attempt barefoot running with a group in Boulder, Colorado that he found relief from his pain. On day one of running barefoot, Steven wound up running over 3 miles! After a couple of weeks, his pain dissipated. He would later become a Masters All-American Sprinter. 

This newfound technique radically changed his life and he wanted to live barefoot as much as possible, however we know that is not always practical. So, Steven took matters into his own hands when he walked into his neighborhood Home Depot and built the closest thing to a barefoot running shoe the world has ever seen! He has since grown his "rubber and string" shoes into a multi-million dollar business. 

In this episode of The Too Fit Podcast, we uncover the entirety of Steven's story as well as:

  • The history of living and running barefoot
  • Health benefits of living barefoot...and social ramifications!
  • The minimalist and motion controlled shoe movement
  • Differences between minimalist shoes and Xero Shoes
  • Myths behind barefoot running and how to properly "transition" to a barefoot lifestyle
  • Details of the Shark Tank process and his personal behind the scene stories 
  • Steven's entrepreneurial mindset and various endeavors

By the end of this episode you'll be swearing off your brand name shoes and itching to embrace the barefoot lifestyle!

So kick off your shoes, literally, and allow Steven to drop some serious barefoot health knowledge on you! 

More Information and Show Notes: 

Xero Shoes on Shark Tank

Shit Barefoot Runners Say

Contact Xero Shoes

 Xero Shoes Social: Facebook   Twitter   LinkedIn

May 3, 2016

"Every human is an athlete and every athlete is human" - Tim DiFrancesco 

Tim DiFrancesco has forged NBA greats and hall of fame legends like Kobe Bryant, Jeremy Lin, Steve Nash, Ron "Meta-World-Peace" Artest, and the list goes on. 

We had the honor to sit down with Tim where he gave us a behind the curtain look at his interactions with the world's most talented athletes as the head strength and conditioning coach for the Los Angeles Lakers

So, have you ever wondered how these athletes stay in peak physical condition for 84 games amidst travel, fame, media, sponsorship obligations, and home life? How do they recover day-to-day? What does their nutrition look like? Their training? 

Well, wonder no more! Tim is the man with all the answers. In this episode of the Too Fit Podcast we dive into...

  • Tim's training philosophy; it's origins and how it's changed over the years
  • His personal journey to such a coveted position
  • How and why you should become metabolically flexible
  • Why he grocery shops with his athletes
  • Building strength despite proper movement
  • Areas of Strength and Conditioning that are failing our athletes
  • The latest recovery technology Tim prescribes for his athletes
  • And of course...HOW TO JUMP HIGHER!!

Curiosity also got the best of us and we were able to pull out some hidden jewels such as Tim's first encounter with Kobe Bryant, who was the most nutritionally dialed in athlete he's worked with. We also uncovered what tends to happen when Tim shoves an omelet in his athletes' faces!

Aside from training the worlds' elite, Tim also runs TD Athletes Edge, his personal blog where he brings you all the "evidence-based fitness, training, recovery and nutrition knowledge" you can handle. His posts have been published in Men's Journal, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, People, Yahoo Sports, and more. 

For more from Tim, connect with him at the links provided below and also check out his upcoming Webinar. Here, he will spill all his personal experience in the Strength and Conditioning industry; the good, the bad, and the ugly. He will also give his advice on how you can be successful in today's S&C world among the plethora of stiff competition.

Without further ado, get your notebooks out as usual and enjoy this chat with one of the greats, Tim DiFrancesco. 

Links and Mentions:

Apr 15, 2016

Dai "Coach Moose" Manuel is an incredible entrepreneur, professional blogger, author of the newly released The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto, freelance writer, lifestyle coach, sought after speaker, fitness guru, and one stellar podcast guest!

However, Dai wasn't always such a stud, and he'll be the first to admit that. His journey from couch potato to fitness freak did not happen overnight, and it's this experience that he calls upon to improve and motivate every person he meets.  

His lifestyle and coaching methodology revolves around 5 pillars: Fitness, Family, Finances, and Faith, all with an all-encompassing concept of FUN! In this episode we dive deeper into each one of these pillars and how you can apply these to your life. 

We also cover a lot of ground in this conversation, as a moose should. We tackle topics such as, but definitely not limited to:

  • Dai's personal story from spud to STUD
  • The Secret Dai gives his clients for continued motivation and inspiration
  • How to become physically, mentally, and spiritually more fit in just 30 mintues per day
  • The benefits of waking up at 5 AM everyday
  • How to throw out the clock and forget managing time
  • Dai's key to ending all wars (the answer may suprise you!)
  • And how to run 13.1 miles in Jesus sandals through the Holy Land

Dai was an absolute blast to interview. Connect with him in person if you get the chance. You will not regret it!

He is holding his Whole Life Fitness Manifesto Retreat on May 27 - June 1 at the Hollyhock Center. You can also find him at the Superhuman Summit May 2-3 in Vancouver. 

You can virtually connect with Dai and join his Tribe as they tackle the next 28 Day WLFM Challenge, where Dai will forge you into a stronger version of yourself in body, mind, and spirit. 

Lastly, find out more about the man, the myth, the legend that is Dai Manuel at the links below. 




The Whole Life Fitness Manifesto

@DaiManuel: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Snapchat


Other Mentions:

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink

How to Become an Early Riser by Steve Pavlina

Apr 15, 2016


Meet Andy Hnilo. Even if you haven't actually met the man, you probably recognize his rugged jaw line.

Andy was born with competitor's blood running through his veins, which eventually led him to play baseball at UC Berkeley. This competitive lifestyle and mindset would later serve him well in life and in business. 

Once his baseball career ended he found himself in front of the camera as a model for Oakley, Coppertone, and Speedo. Andy has had appearances on shows such as Days of our Lives and HBO's Hello Ladies. 

A tragic accident left with him several broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a broken jaw wired back together, a severe gash on his chin, and a whole host of other problems that come with being hit by one truck and run over by another SUV! 

It is this incident that changed Andy's life and career forever. Being a self-taught supplement and nutrition expert, he focused all of his effort on creating a facial mask that helped restore, rejuvenate, and accelerate his healing process in the most natural fashion possible. 

The outcome was his all-natural, superior sourced Alitura Naturals. Are you intrigued yet?! 

In this episode we chat with Andy about: 

  • His incredible personal story and the birth of Alitura Naturals
  • Protecting your brand
  • Owning bad reviews and turning them into something positive 
  • The highs and lows of owning a growing business
  • Nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit and how to never lose that fire
  • Self-education versus the standard higher education
  • Growing your business and taking steps to reach the next echelon
  • His personal routines to stay looking 22 years young

..... and of course just a ton of other good bull too long to list!

This conversation with Andy was exhilarating, motivating, and gave us a healthy dose of the goosebumps because our messages are very similar in terms of our passion to positively affect others through our companies. 

Get ready to gain a new perspective on your own life and business and let Andy's passion and love for his work overflow into all areas of your life. Lastly, try out the line of his superior products and find out more about the man that is Andy Hnilo with the links below. 




The Business: @alituranaturals

Alitura Naturals - Facebook - TwitterInstagram

The Man: @andyhnilo - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram      

Other mentions:

Goat Colostrum

Beat-Active (listen to our conversation with Jarrod here

Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis

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