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The Too Fit Podcast is about pushing the boundaries of performance mentally, physically, and everywhere in between. We define Too Fit as "actively pursuing a state of health and well-being beyond perceived limitations." On the Too Fit Podcast, we will be interviewing renowned experts from doctors and strength and conditioning coaches to athletes and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to extract tools and tricks of the trade that YOU can implement whether you are a world-class athlete, weekend warrior, entrepreneur, or grinding out the 8-5. All in order to assist you on your journey to becoming Too Fit.
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Nov 7, 2017

Jake and Josh sit down with the author of Going Beyond Mom and creator of, Randi Zinn. Randi (@randizinn) helps mothers of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds give life to their callings and entrepreneurial spirits, while still doing a rockstar job at home with their kids. She enables moms to find the perfect balance in their lives, starting with one simple change in mindset.

  • Why mothers are underachieving at work and home and how to fix it.
  • How to create space for mindfulness after baby.
  • Ways to stay fit and active during and after your pregnancy.
  • The perfect length of time for your maternity leave.
  • How husbands and children can aid mom in her Beyond Mom journey.

Still think you don't have time to build your business, tackle your fitness goals, and be a superstar mom? Randi disagrees and will leave you with no excuses. It's time to Go Beyond Mom!

More about Randi:

Going Beyond Mom book



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Oct 26, 2017

The Too Fit Guys sit down for a fireside chat and answer questions about the Past, Present, and Future of Too Fit. Plus, a few never before heard stories about best and worst and experiences, coyotes, and lessons learned. Hold on to your seats!

In this Episode:

  • The Guys least favorite adventures to date and, of course, their favorites
  • The quickest way to kill two coyotes and why two dead coyotes equal four new coyote pups
  • The humble origins of the company, products, and Too Fit Guys
  • Behind the scenes of the Too Fit rebrand and product launch
  • Why did Too Fit rebrand anyway?
  • The mindset that kept The Guys on track, despite the relaunch taking longer than expected
  • What's been brewing in regards to The Too Fit Podcast
  • What the future holds for the Too Fit brand

Be sure to hang in there for Too Fit's big surprise! You will soon be seeing your favorite performance nutrition company in this world renown store near you. Listen to find out where.

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This podcast is brought to you by Qualia. Qualia is designed to help increase cognition, focus, mental health, and induce flow states by nourishing and feeding your brain. The whole team at Too Fit uses Qualia. It's helped with our productivity, output, creativity, plus it keeps everyone in a good mood! Take your mental game to the next-level with Qualia by checking out and using coupon code TOOFIT for 10% off all purchases.

This podcast is also brought to you by Too Fit. If you haven't checked out the new products, what are you waiting for?! We have heard nothing but great responses on the new Pre and Post. We're sure you will too. You can see what they're all about here.

Oct 24, 2017

Jeff Davidson is the co-founder and co-CEO of Camp Gladiator, the most recognizable boot camp in America, and one of the fastest growing fitness companies in the nation. In this episode we discuss how Camp Gladiator began, the journey, struggles, building a world-class organization, and much much more. 

In this episode: 

  • The creation story behind Camp Gladiator
  • Sneek peeks into the hit reality TV show, American Gladiator
  • Which company Jeff and Ally modeled their business after and why
  • The secret formula that led to their unprecedented success
  • Behind the scenes of their nationwide operation
  • Difficulties and growing pains experienced along the way
  • The motivation behind continuing to pursue their dreams
  • What the future holds for Camp Gladiator campers and their staff



To check out a Camp Gladiator near you, visit Camp

Links from the Episode

Connect with Camp Gladiator:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

This podcast is brought to you by Qualia. Qualia is designed to help increase cognition, focus, mental health, and induce flow states by nourishing and feeding your brain. The whole team at Too Fit uses Qualia. It's helped with our productivity, output, creativity, plus it keeps everyone in a good mood! Take your mental game to the next-level with Qualia by checking out and using coupon code TOOFIT for 10% off all purchases.

This podcast is also brought to you by Too Fit. If you haven't checked out the new products, what are you waiting for?! We have heard nothing but great responses on the new Pre and Post. We're sure you will too! You can see what they're all about here.

Apr 7, 2017

In this Episode of The Too Fit Podcast

  • The freaky, invisible world of quantum biology
  • The implications of quantum in YOUR life
  • Mind-blowing phenomena like how to transport through a wall...You read that right
  • How is it possible to be in two places at the same time? 
  • EZ water: is it actually hydrating or just another sales tactic? 
  • Restoring the magnetic balance in your life using Earth's surface

Craig Emmerich is an accomplished blogger, health-hacker, quantum enthusiast, entrepreneur, and peak performance aficionado. He owns and operates Keto-Adapted, an all-inclusive blog, and website devoted to healthy lifestyle design by way of a ketogenic diet along with his wife, Maria.

Catch our interview about the ketogenic diet and lifestyle with Maria HERE. 

Mar 6, 2017

"There seems to be this pervasive need to own methods of resistance today.  All resistance is just that – forms of resistance – one is not better per se that another, they are just forms."

- James Fitzgerald

In this Episode of The Too Fit Podcast:

  • Can you "out-train" your genetic potential?
  • How often should you be training to failure?
  • "Fatigue Repeatability" and using fatigue as a diagnostic tool.
  • Proper program design and training cycles
  • The benefits of individualized training versus programming for the masses
  • Identifying and addressing which domain of fitness is holding you back
  • Are Crossfit Games athletes as healthy as they are fit? 
  • James's wisdom for anyone entering the strength and conditioning world

James Fitzgerald (@jfitzopex) exploded on the scene in 2007 when he was crowned Fittest on Earth in the inaugural Crossfit Games. Although still considered an elite athlete, James's legacy is the 10,000 plus athletes he has coached since opening OPEX in 1999, in addition to the millions he impacts through his educational outreach. 

James is one of the most intelligent individuals in the strength and conditioning world. His training philosophy is rooted in individualized training, detailed program design, and separating fitness for health versus sport. 

Whether you are an elite athlete pushing the boundaries of your physicality, looking to live long and prosper, or just trying looking good naked, our conversation with James will provide you with the information you can apply to your fitness regimen today.  

Are you ready to take your game up a notch? It all starts with you. As James says, "We believe success begins with taking personal responsibility for our actions and holding ourselves accountable to results." 


Show Notes and Other Mentions

Feb 27, 2017

"Time slows down. Self vanishes. Action and awareness merge. Welcome to Flow." - Steven Kotler  

Episode 30 Overview:

  • How Steven stumbled upon flow states. 
  • What is a non-ordinary state?
  • Is it healthy or possible to be in a constant state of flow? 
  • How you can safely create a non-ordinary state in your everyday life
  • The common misconceptions about flow states and ecstasis
  • Why nearly every billionaire in Silicon Valley regularly microdoses with psychedelics
  • Creativity... is it a trainable skill or a state-of-mind?
  • Tapping into the DEEP NOW
  • How to correctly utilize technology to increase your focus, performance, and life
  • The hope that non-ordinary states provide for our future

Steven Kotler (@Steven_Kotler) is in constant pursuit of discovering ways to increase our human potential and solve global problems. He identifies the intersection of science, culture, and technology while revealing what the future may hold. 

On the heels of The Rise of Superman, which explores how to hack and induce flow-states, Steven picks up right where he left off in the impeccably titled Stealing Fire. As with his other works, you feel like a secret is revealed to you, that the curtain is lifting, and YOU are being given the keys to the castle. 

What exactly is this secret? Non-ordinary states of consciousness, or ecstasis. This altered conscious has been shown to make people remarkably more creative, productive, resilient, satisfied, happy, peaceful, insightful, and intuitive. Steven claims that flow-states saved his life after dealing with Lyme disease. He has since dedicated his life's work to further understanding and teaching how to utilize their potential.

Steven's work led him to study how our world's top performers use flow states, such as the Navy SEALs, Silicon Valley billionaires, top DJ's, biohackers, entrepreneurs, elite athletes, and even mad, maverick scientists pushing the envelope of what's socially acceptable.

Flow states are not only reserved for the elite. Hence the name Stealing Fire, about Prometheus snatching fire from Zeus to deliver to us, inept humans. Steven reveals that this is a revolution that has been hiding in plain sight. Yoga moms, businesspeople, young professionals, college students, and everyone in between has been tapping into these non-ordinary states of consciousness to increase performance, focus, willpower, gain insight and attain life satisfaction. 

Are you intrigued yet? Pick up a copy of Stealing Fire for yourself and dive in. 

For more information about non-ordinary states and more specifically, flow, visit Steven's and his co-author, Jamie Wheal's website

Show Notes and Other Mentions

Twitter: @Steven_Kotler   Facebook: @KotlerSteven

Steven's Works: 

Feb 22, 2017

"We do not lack the science, information, or technology to live healthily. We lack the art to use them properly." - TJ Anderson

What an interview! Here's a brief overview of what we tackle in this episode:

  • What the hell is health hacking? Why should I even know? 
  • The long and unusual path that lead TJ to health-hacking
  • The dangers involved, including what lead to TJ's ER visit
  • Goal setting to ensure your goal setting process is delivering results
  • Simple questions you need to be asking yourself for profound changes in your relationship with the substances, people, and the world around you
  • Healthcare: Patient engagement vs. patient activation, the archaic paternalism model and how it's changing, plus the future of healthcare and nutritional therapy
  • Tools and gadgets TJ utilizes on a daily basis to maintain health and performance 
  • The two most abused "drugs" in our culture and how you can radically change their influence in your life
  • The release of TJ's book, The Art of Health Hacking...the mission behind its creation
  • and why everyone in America needs this book

TJ Anderson (@TJAndersonlive) has spent the better part of 7 years experimenting with everything "health-hacking." He dove headfirst into the ketogenic diet, bulletproof coffee, nootropic supplements, fasting protocols, grounding techniques, breathing patterns, and meditation all in the name of health and performance optimization. 

This journey TJ embarked on did not occur on a whim, but its genesis lies in TJ's personal struggle to find fulfillment after modeling left him empty and hollow, the direct opposite of what the magazine covers promised. After meeting and talking with TJ, you can tell he found it. No matter what comes his way, he chooses to live in a beautiful state of mind, and his energy is contagious!

This search for health optimization did not lack in misfortunes, just like any great story. However, TJ utilized these moments of crisis to shift and reshape his way of thinking in regards to his relationships with different substances, food, mother earth, the information he intakes, and the people with whom he surrounds himself. 

This conversation with TJ is so much more than just the tips and tricks of a "biohacker." It's a genuine chat about the big things in life; about self-reflective questions that will push you past your comfort zone and force a positive change to occur. Get ready for a paradigm shift in how you view your personal health, relationships, vanity, alcohol, caffeine, intuition, and life. 

Be on the lookout for TJ's upcoming book, The Art of Health Hacking. It is the culmination of 7 years of work encompassing his experimentations in biohacking and the practices discussed above. However, just like this interview, it's much more than that! TJ teaches you how to "build your holistic healthcare team, personal self-care strategy, and optimize your health from the inside out."

The book will launch during the spring of 2017, but TJ needs your help to push this work of art to the finish line. Pre-order The Art of Health Hacking on publishizer, a crowdfunding website that connects authors with publishers and allows YOU a backstage glimpse into the creation, publication, and release of TJ's book. Check it out; you want this book in your arsenal. 

Show Notes and Other Mentions

Get your copy of The Art of Health Hacking

Facebook (@TJAnderson10) - Twitter (@Wellness_Guy) - IG (@TJAndersonlive)


The Patient Will See You Now by Eric Topol

Goal-Setting with James Clear

Feb 16, 2017

"For 90% of dieters, a deficiency in one of four essential brain chemicals can cause weight gain, fatigue, and stress. The solution to losing weight doesn’t lie in deprivation diets; it lies in balancing our neurotransmitters." - Maria Emmerich

By now you have heard us discuss the new kid on the block in the diet world, Keto. It may be the "new" sexy word, however, the ketogenic diet has been extensively studied since the 1920's, mainly in people suffering from seizures. Since the 1980's the general population has awakened to its benefits, but not until recently has a significant paradigm shift occurred in how we view fats, our food, and fueling for longevity and performance. 

Maria Emmerich has been leading the charge in the ketogenic movement, authoring a total of 9 books including the international best-seller, "The Ketogenic Cookbook." She is the founder of Keto Adapted, a health and wellness website where she provides hundreds of keto-friendly recipes, meal plans, detoxification guidelines, and keto supplement advice.  

In this interview with Maria, we dive headfirst into the ketogenic lifestyle including:

  • Accelerating the process of becoming keto adapted and entering nutritional ketosis
  • Avoiding overlooked pitfalls that can hinder your ketogenic advances 
  • Are there any drawbacks to continually staying in nutritional ketosis? 
  • "I'm in ketosis, but I'm not losing any weight...what's the issue?" 
  • How to correctly implement and utilize intermittent fasting
  • The truth about being "metabolically flexible" 
  • Kids and Keto: how to teach your kids healthy eating practices and not even know that McDonald's exists
  • Why tap water and even bottled water are void of minerals and what you can do about it

This one is like drinking straight from a water hose! You'll want to have that notebook handy. Then check out Maria's website for more information, recipes, implementation strategies, and her handy Keto Calculator

For any questions regarding keto, her kids, or anything else we covered in this episode, ask Maria on her social channels below. 

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Facebook (@ketoadapted)  Twitter (@mariaemmerich)   Instagram (@mariaemmerich)

Feb 7, 2017

From Mom's Basement to Malibu!

Adam Von Rothfedler is well on his way to becoming a household name. As a premier model for Versace and the star of NBC's hit show Strong, many are becoming familiar with the muscles, tattoos, and immortal grip strength that characterize Adam's personality.

However, few know the real story of Adam and the path that led him to the spotlight. Oddly enough, it's a journey that seems fit for the big screen. Dealing with personal tragedy and loss, Adam was drawn to the Octagon, fighting his demons more so than the man across the mat.  

The octagon was an outlet for Adam. As it turns out, he was a natural fighter, eventually winning Milwaukee's Toughest Man Challenge, which spawned his professional fighting and modeling career, followed by a move to the big city of Los Angeles. 

This trip was short-lived, however. The decline of his father's health called Adam back home to Milwaukee, but triumph in the midst of tragedy has always defined Adam's life. Despite the career setback, this opportunity tapped into Adam's entrepreneurial spirit, opening his first gym in the heart of the city he loves. 

Long story made short, Adam is a man of many talents, forged from personal experience, that lead him to become the man you see today. His passion and thirst for life are tangible and evident. He cares deeply for your health, well-being, and wants to see you crush all your limitations. 

And that is exactly what our conversation will help you achieve. Here's a little taste of what cover with Adam: 

  • Behind the scenes of reality TV - how to know who is real and who is fake
  • How to stay true to yourself in light of success and fame
  • A deeper look at Adam's personal journey to the limelight and his tips for becoming successful, despite multiple personal setbacks
  • Why balance is the missing element in your strength training regimen.
  • What it means to "Eat Right for your Activity Type"
  • What's more useful for reaching your goals: intensity or intentionality?
  • The only 3 lifts Adam utilizes to build strength and muscle
  • Why you should develop hanging strength in addition to overhead strength
  • The difference between being flexible and being mobile is greater than you know
  • Plus...Adam's secret for delivering a knockout punch!

We truly enjoyed meeting Adam at The Bulletproof Conference and love his passion for life, health, and helping those around him achieve their goals. He is an excellent example of someone living a Too Fit Life!

In his own words, "as a former professional fighter, I truly understand what its like to fight for what you want. And when it comes to fitness, I have dedicated my life to motivate people to fight for it too."

To drink motivation straight from the source and connect further with Adam, hit him up on his social accounts below, sign up for his Earn The Day program when it drops, and stop by his COMO gym in Milwaukee if you're ever in town! Just don't try and go toe-to-toe with they guy. 


Show Notes and Other Mentions

Adam's Gym: Como

NBC Strong

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