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The Too Fit Podcast is about pushing the boundaries of performance mentally, physically, and everywhere in between. We define Too Fit as "actively pursuing a state of health and well-being beyond perceived limitations." On the Too Fit Podcast, we will be interviewing renowned experts from doctors and strength and conditioning coaches to athletes and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to extract tools and tricks of the trade that YOU can implement whether you are a world-class athlete, weekend warrior, entrepreneur, or grinding out the 8-5. All in order to assist you on your journey to becoming Too Fit.
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May 3, 2016

"Every human is an athlete and every athlete is human" - Tim DiFrancesco 

Tim DiFrancesco has forged NBA greats and hall of fame legends like Kobe Bryant, Jeremy Lin, Steve Nash, Ron "Meta-World-Peace" Artest, and the list goes on. 

We had the honor to sit down with Tim where he gave us a behind the curtain look at his interactions with the world's most talented athletes as the head strength and conditioning coach for the Los Angeles Lakers

So, have you ever wondered how these athletes stay in peak physical condition for 84 games amidst travel, fame, media, sponsorship obligations, and home life? How do they recover day-to-day? What does their nutrition look like? Their training? 

Well, wonder no more! Tim is the man with all the answers. In this episode of the Too Fit Podcast we dive into...

  • Tim's training philosophy; it's origins and how it's changed over the years
  • His personal journey to such a coveted position
  • How and why you should become metabolically flexible
  • Why he grocery shops with his athletes
  • Building strength despite proper movement
  • Areas of Strength and Conditioning that are failing our athletes
  • The latest recovery technology Tim prescribes for his athletes
  • And of course...HOW TO JUMP HIGHER!!

Curiosity also got the best of us and we were able to pull out some hidden jewels such as Tim's first encounter with Kobe Bryant, who was the most nutritionally dialed in athlete he's worked with. We also uncovered what tends to happen when Tim shoves an omelet in his athletes' faces!

Aside from training the worlds' elite, Tim also runs TD Athletes Edge, his personal blog where he brings you all the "evidence-based fitness, training, recovery and nutrition knowledge" you can handle. His posts have been published in Men's Journal, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, People, Yahoo Sports, and more. 

For more from Tim, connect with him at the links provided below and also check out his upcoming Webinar. Here, he will spill all his personal experience in the Strength and Conditioning industry; the good, the bad, and the ugly. He will also give his advice on how you can be successful in today's S&C world among the plethora of stiff competition.

Without further ado, get your notebooks out as usual and enjoy this chat with one of the greats, Tim DiFrancesco. 

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