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The Too Fit Podcast is about pushing the boundaries of performance mentally, physically, and everywhere in between. We define Too Fit as "actively pursuing a state of health and well-being beyond perceived limitations." On the Too Fit Podcast, we will be interviewing renowned experts from doctors and strength and conditioning coaches to athletes and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to extract tools and tricks of the trade that YOU can implement whether you are a world-class athlete, weekend warrior, entrepreneur, or grinding out the 8-5. All in order to assist you on your journey to becoming Too Fit.
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Nov 19, 2015

Al and Sandi are owners of Legendary Escapes, a custom, hybrid pool building business where they have flipped the pool industry, along with their lives completely around. They have successfully built a business and a lifestyle they are truly passionate about and love. It's their desire to now share how this was made possible and to teach others to do the same. 

This episode is not only for the pool and construction enthusiast, but for the every day business owner, entrepreneur, employee, and for the guy hearing whispers to take a leap and start his own venture.

Here, Al and Sandi break down how to systematically utilize social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) for your business ventures, outline steps to build a following and a loyal tribe, and discuss how to create and be mindful of your energy signature. 


Are you ready to truly enjoy your work?

Are you ready to view work in a totally different light? 

Are you ready to start saying "No" more than you say "Yes,"? 

If so, then this episode, along with the tools listed below, will assist you on the journey to discovering your own "Certain Way," and building a life designed by you, and for you. Success and happiness awaits. 



Organic Marketing Tic-Tac-Toe:

Al and Sandi's Books: Our Certain Way

Twitter: @askthepoolguy  @sandimaki

Facebook: Ask The Pool Guy  Sandi Maki  Legendary Escapes

Instagram: Ask The Pool Guy  Sandi Maki

YouTube: Ask The Pool Guy Channel

Nov 19, 2015
Alvin is the CEO and Founder of, TCHPP (The Centre for Healing and Peak Performance), a multi-disciplinary wellness and peak performance center, focused on helping their clients achieve optimal health, peak performance and personal greatness: mind, body, and soul. Alvin is also the author of, Journey to Personal Greatness: Mind, Body, and Soul – a blueprint for life balance and self-mastery.
In this episode we dive deeper into Alvin's triad of mind, body, and soul and cover nutrition, detox, your gut microbiome, and recovering from injury. Alvin walks us through his team's ground breaking method of treating patients with chronic pain. Lastly, he gives us insight and tips to bring your mind, body, and soul into a unified, unstoppable force.
Links and Mentions:
Website: TCHPP
Facebook: TCHPP Journey to Personal Greatness
Twitter: @selfmastery
Instagram: Journey to Personal Greatness
YouTube: TCHPP
Book: Journey to Personal Greatness
Nov 18, 2015

Roger has one trick: He trains leaders to monitor and manage their thinking. Poor thinking leads to poor emotional control and poor performance. For more than 20 years, much of it through Compass Consultation, Ltd., Dr Hall has been providing leadership development training, executive coaching and organizational consultation. He is a widely sought after keynote speaker providing talks rich in substance and engaging in style. He has worked with leaders from Fortune 20 companies as well as small entrepreneurial firms.

In this episode, we were blessed to pick the brain of one of the most brilliant minds we have ever met. Dr. Hall speaks on the power of habits, how to form them and why they are so hard to break, as well as how to own and then utilize your thought processes to your advantage. 

To immerse yourself in Dr. Hall's teaching, he has made many of his methods and materials available to you, so you can begin to monitor and manage your way of thinking today. Find Dr. Hall on the following social media outlets, find lectures on his YouTube channel, and pick up a copy of his interactive book "Expedition" to receive the full benefits of Dr. Hall's teaching. 

Dr. Roger Hall

Website: Compass Consultation

Facebook: Compass Consultation

Twitter: @rogers2cents

YouTube: Dr. Roger Hall

Books: Expedition  


Books: 10% Happier

Ways to prevent altitude sickness:

-Ginko biloba (120 mg up to three times per day, the day prior and the day of entering altitude)

-Hydrate hydrate hydrate!!

-Rule of thumb, give yourself 24 hours to acclimate before doing anything strenuous